Franklin County Barn Quilt Trail
Franklin County, Vermont

A Trail of Quilts, by Shannon Kane

Each a square of our own design,
Colors bold, stitches painted fine.
A tribute to a special friend,
Squares begin at another's end.
Friendships bound by a common thread,
Quilts on homes, sheds and barns of red.
Down paved roads and driveways of gravel,
Along our trail we invite you to travel.

 Radiant Star on a Sheldon Barn
Barn Quilt Trail Brochure

How To Make a Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt Trail Map

 Some locations may be off a bit but we will correct them as we collect more accurate, GPS derived, coordinates.  The map includes newly installed blocks not listed in the brochure.  GPS locations are for viewing locations, usually public roads, and approximate the pictures where we have them.  Please respect private property and traffic safety when observing these works of art.  Please let us know of any errors, deletions, or additions.

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