"Montgomery Flower Garden"

     A bed quilt
handcrafted and donated to the Montgomery Historical Society by the Franklin County Quilters Guild It is based on a design called "Flower Garden" by Julie Golimowski, which was selected by the quilters and inspired by the many floral motifs, and the many colors, of the stained glass windows of Pratt Hall.  The design was tweaked, also based on Pratt Hall's, windows with each block having a multicolored border like the windows.  There is also a block with a church with stained glass windows added.   It's sized for a queen sized bed, 93 1/2 X 95 1/2 inches.  This quilt has been appraised at $3,100 by American Quilters Society (AQS) Certified Appraiser, Sandra Palmer.  The appraisal will be included with the quilt.