Franklin County Quilter's Guild

January 17, 2007

    52 members present.
    New member:  Elaine Sweatt.
    Guests:  none.
    THANK YOU cards read that were received from Laurie's House     and breast cancer survivors.

SECRETARY'S REPORT:  Correction to name of guest, Vicki Machia.   Gina Meigs made a motion to accept as corrected; Carol Stanley seconded.  Motion passed.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Marilynn Jessiman made a motion to accept; Phyllis Fletcher.  Motion passed.

        Quilt Show chair Sally McIntyre brought sign up sheets for various quilt show volunteers and encouraged everyone to sign up.  Much help is needed.  There will be Quilt Show committee meetings at the Northwestern Medical Center meeting rooms, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 31st, February 21st, and March 21st.  Everyone is welcomed to meetings. 
        -  City Hall has a $100.00 per day fee for use of the gymnasium; the recreation department has agreed to only charge for one day.   Quiche Perry mentioned that SAFF, St. Albans For The Future, could “sponsor” the Quilt Show and have the fee waived.  Sally and Quiche will explore this.  Need for availability of working tables was mentioned.  Members were reminded that many quilts are needed for the show as well as silent auction items and FQs.
        -  Quilt show entry forms are available; see your newsletter for two forms.   Please submit entry forms as early as possible.  
        -  Raffle Quilt:  Quiche Perry and Shireen Melton showed the finished top of raffle quilt; the quilt is very nice and brilliant.  Karen Gibson has already volunteered to quilt it for the guild.
        -   Raffle Quilt Tickets:   Please pick up your tickets tonight;  Beth Fancher will mail tickets to anyone who hasn't already picked them up.
        -  Silent Auction: Nancy Orcutt has received one item so far; we need about 30 items for the auction to be successful.
    Charity Quilt:  Mary Ellen Therrien showed the finished top of the Charity Quilt in a bow-tie pattern; the quilt is bright and cheery.  Any extra blocks will be used to make hospice quilts.  The timing of the raffle quilt and charity quilt projects was discussed.  Need to start one of the quilts at an earlier date.  This will be discussed at the February meeting.
    Breast Cancer Quilts:  These quilts are much appreciated by the survivors and the community.  Discussion followed whether to continue the project.  Shireen Melton made a motion, seconded by Gerda Thibault to continue the project.  Motion passed.  Bonnie Evans volunteered to chair the project for 2007.  Nancy Orcutt made a motion, seconded by Susie Perry, to designate the proceeds of this year’s tea cup auction to purchase fabric for the quilts.  Quiche mentioned she can buy fabric bolts and FQ collections at cost.  Bonnie will work with Quiche to investigate buying fabric at cost.
    Food Drive:  Bring non-perishable food items to the February meeting for the food drive.  In case of snow day cancellation in February, the drive will be in March.
    Meeting Cancellation:  Check your email before starting out to the meeting to make sure it isn't cancelled.  Cancellation would be prior to 4:00 pm.  Check radio station also.

    Guild Meeting Location:  The February and March meetings will be at the Church of the Rock on Monday the 12th both months.  Discussion on meeting location resulted in decision to remain at the Church of the Rock.  The concern seemed to be that FCQG meeting dates were not entered in calendar.  Sally McIntyre suggested getting written confirmation of meeting dates.  We can revisit this issue if meeting changes become problematic.
    Requests for 2008 Charity Quilt:  If guild members know of a worthwhile charitable organization for our charity quilt, ask the organization to send a letter to the guild in care of Sharon Perry.
    Quilting Bees:
        - February Bee, Saturday, February 17th, and possibly the 18th, at the Northwestern Medical Center Conference Room.  Please contact Sally McIntyre if you plan to attend . 
        - March Bee, Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd & 4th, at the Bakersfield Historical Society on the Rt 36 extension.  Please contact Marilyn Jessiman if you plan to attend.
    BOM:  Phyllis Fletcher won the 14 pine tree blocks.  Marilynn Jessiman explained the February BOM which is a maple leaf.  The unfinished block should measure 10 ½” by 10 ½”.

PROGRAM FOR FEBRUARY:  The program for February will feature three events:  mini-classes; a FQ swap (100% cotton ONLY); and a charm swap of 5”-inch squares (100% cotton ONLY).  Contact Shireen to sign up for a mini-class.  The FQ swap will be an honor system; bring in a FQ and “swap” it with another brought in.  For the charm swap, put 25 different fabrics of 5” squares along with your name.  During the meeting, Shireen will divide the charms up so each person gets 25 fabrics different from those they brought in for each baggie of charms brought in.

Quiche Perry spoke about one of the mini-classes on the "Victorian sewing box.”  Class limited to first 10 people to sign up.  Others will be observers and the kit will be made available to them to make at home.  Cost of kit is $25.00 (pre-paid) for all materials including the sewing notions.  If you wish, you may drop entry fee at Quiche's store, Creations Abound, on Main Street in St. Albans.

MONTHLY DRAWINGS:  Door prizes were won by Christina Smith, Jeannette LaPierre and Susie Perry.

APRIL WORKSHOP WITH GEORGE SICILIANO:  In January and February, Shireen Melton will be signing up guild members to take the workshop, “Size Really Does Matter,” on April 21st.  Workshop fee is $30.00 due at sign-up.  There is an additional fee of $10 for the patterns only (you supply your own fabric) or a fee of $38.00 for the patterns and hand-dyed fabrics to complete the project.

THANK YOU to Smitty for graciously coming to meeting and sharpening scissors.

SHOW & TELL:  Talent abounds!

Respectfully submitted,
Rose Rixon, Secretary