Franklin County Quilter's Guild

February 12, 2007

WELCOME by Sharon Perry, President
    60 members present.
    No new members; Guests:  Holly Potvin and Trula Southwick

THANK YOUS extended to:

    Julie Cowles for donating a sewing machine as raffle prize and for thread to quilt the Raffle Quilt.

    Bonnie Evans for sending a letter to Mayor Manahan requesting fee of $100.00 be waived for use of City Hall for Quilt Show.

    Quiche Perry, Shireen Melton, Bonnie Evans and Joan Jettie for completing raffle quilt top.

    Karen Gibson for machine quilting the Raffle Quilt.  Ann Pitt volunteered to take quilt home and sew on the binding.

SECRETARY'S REPORT:  Motion to approve by Phyllis Fletcher; seconded by Marge Taylor.  Motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Motion to approve by Diane Forey; seconded by Teela Dufresne.  Motion carried.


    Vermont coordinator, Trula Southwick asked to address the guild to explain the work of Project Linus.  It is a national organization dedicated to the service to traumatized children.  They sew, knit or crochet "blankets" of various sizes to donate to children.  She is looking for women in this area to help run the chapter.  A Project Linus meeting will be held at the Sheldon Casino, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 17, National Fabric Day.

         Quilt Show: Quilt Show chair, Sally McIntyre, has received 25 entry forms so far for quilt show.  We need many more quilts to have a successful quilt show; we hope to have at least 100 quilts in the show.  Sally needs to change the date for February quilt show committee meeting due to a conflict; Sharon Perry will send out an email update once a new date is chosen.  Either email Sally at or telephone 893-0325 if you plan to attend the meeting.

         Raffle Tickets:  Beth Fancher unable to attend meeting; Sharon Perry will contact Beth to make sure the remaining raffle tickets are mailed out to members.
        Silent Auction:  Diane Forey requested that Silent Auction items be submitted by March meeting to allow time to photograph and organize the items.  Please consider donating an item as we need many more items to have a successful auction.

         Charity Quilts:  Alyce Bushey requested members hold on to charity quilts so they can be displayed at quilt show as well as Breast Cancer Survivor Quilts and Purple Heart Quilts.  Ann Pitt has a box of fabric to donate to the guild's many charitable efforts.


       Quilting Bees:   

       Next quilting bee is this weekend at the NMC conference room; the host is Sally McIntyre.  We'll be making the award ribbons for the quilt show; please bring fabric in black, and mediums and darks of brown, blue, red, yellow/gold and purple.

        Bakersfield quilting bee on March 3rd & 4th, at the Bakersfield Historical Society, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; pot luck lunch planned on Saturday.  Call Marilynn Jessiman, 827-3199, if you plan to attend.

       2008 Raffle Quilt:  Sally McIntyre and Teela Dufresne volunteered to make the quilt; they’ll have 2 patterns to vote on in March.

      Orphan Quilts: 

       Bonnie has 13 completed orphan quilts.  She suggested donating one of the quilts to Gert Cilley, a founding member and one of the longest serving members of FCQG.  Due to health reasons, Gert is no longer able to be an active member.  Diane Forey made a motion for said donation, followed by a unanimous second from the floor; motion carried. 

       Bonnie mentioned Camp Agape for children whose parents are incarcerated.  Quilts of various sizes are needed for 7 to 12-year-old boys and girls.  Bonnie made a motion to donate a quilt to Camp Agape; seconded by Gerda Thibault.  Shireen Melton amended the motion to give two quilts to Camp Agape; seconded again by Gerda Thibault.  The motion as amended carried; original motion nullified.  If you want to donate a quilt on your own to Camp Agape, give it to Diane Forey. 

       Carole Stanley made another motion to give two orphan block quilts to Project Linus. seconded by Carole Kittell.  Motion carried.

      Nominating Committee:  The guild needs 3 members to serve on nominating committee; volunteers will be requested in March.

      2008 Charity Quilt:  Sharon Perry will send letters to charity organizations who wish to be considered as a possible recipient of next year's Charity Quilt.  The organization should have the resources to raise about $1,000 from raffle.

FABULOUS 15 CHALLENGE: This month's number is 12.


    Bonnie has an Orphan Block Quilt ready to be quilted or "tied:" need             someone to help.

    March meeting will be on Monday, March 12th.

    Vermont Shop Hop on March 15th - 18th and March 22nd - 25th.

    VQF class catalogs mailed out.
    Remember to put a "sleeve" on any quilt entered in quilt show; it came be a temporary sleeve as long as it is securely attached.

    Congratulations to Susie Perry for having an article published in the magazine, Town Square; in the article, she mentioned the wonderful donations of quilting fabric and supplies she received from the guild after her house fire.

BOM RAFFLE BLOCK:    Janet McCarthy won 13 blocks.

MONTHLY DRAWINGS:  Winners were Darlene Lovelette-Graves, Kathy Considine, Sue Flanders, Sally Krupp, Deb Chagnon, Carolyn Kittell, Mariette Shepard and Linda Callan.

SHOW AND TELL:  Members were delighted with 45 beautiful quilts!

PROGRAM:  Charm Swap, Fat Quarter Swap and mini-classes.

Respectfully submitted,
Rose Rixon, Secretary