Franklin County Quilter's Guild
March 15, 2006 Minutes

1 Guest and 1 new member

Thanks to:  Marilynn Jessiman, Elaine Burnor, and Beth Fancher for hosting the March Quilting Bee; Ann Pitt for teaching paper piecing basics at the ribbon making session; all who came out to make the show ribbons; and Beth Fancher for saving the day by bringing bleached muslin from her stash. 

Guild History
In March 1995, the guild made the first group quilt which was donated to American Heart Association.  In March 1996, the guild made a second group quilt and donated the quilt to the Vermont Kidney Association.  With this second quilt the yearly charity quilt donation became an official guild endeavor.

Secretary’s Report
Quiche Perry made a motion to accept the minutes; Joan Jettie seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Ann Pitt made a motion to accept; Gisele Nolan seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business
Quilting Bees:  March Bee was very successful.  There will be no quilting bee in April due to Quilt Show, Easter and Trunk Show/Lecture in April.  We’re seeking a volunteer and venue to hold the May quilting bee.
Guild Pin:  A design was presented for voting and pricing was explained as $462.50 + shipping/handling for 250 pins, or $250.00 + shipping/handling for 100 pins.  Carol Guyette made a motion to order 250 pins of the proposed design.  Carol Stanley seconded.  Deb Dusablon asked whether members would receive a pin free or buy a pin.  It was explained that with 250 pins being ordered, the plan is to give all current members a pin (about 100), reserve 50 for future new members, and make 100 available as a “gift in exchange for a $5.00 donation to the guild.”  The motion was taken to a vote, and passed unanimously.

New Business
Nominating Committee for Slate of 2006-2007 Officers:  The following members have agreed to serve another year:  Sharon Perry as President; Susie Perry as Membership Chair; and Deb Dusablon as Treasurer.  A nominating committee was formed to nominate next year’s officers; Lorraine Pike and Quiche Perry volunteered to be on the nominating committee.  Since three of the officers were volunteering to stay on, we decided a third member was not required on the nominating committee unless someone else volunteers to help.

Charity Quilt:  2007 Charity Quilt ballots were distributed, and Griffin House was noted as a write-in nomination.

Fabulous 15 Challenge:  Slight rule change.  If you are absent from a meeting but have finished your WIP, you can show it at the meeting following and still submit your entries as if it was right on time.  This month’s list number is 6.

Quilt Show: April 1.
Raffle quilt is going in the bank window this Monday and is on display at Home Health right now.  Bring any items to add to the front window to Denise Chase by Monday.
Raffle Tickets:  Please turn money and stubs to Gwen, mail them by March 20th if you forgot to bring them to the meeting.
Ann Pitt noted that we had been featured in the AAA Magazine for our quilt show.  She thanked the ribbon makers that came on Saturday and noted that 8 of the 10 ribbons are completed.  Of the folks that turned out to make ribbons, 4 beginners learned to paper piece during the meeting.  Drop-off for the show starts at 5:00 pm Friday night.  Ann asked that everyone hanging something in the show please either label their quilt with a quilt label or a paper slip.  She also noted that she had posters and cards for everyone to take and hang in our communities for advertising.  Ann thanked everyone for their fat quarter donations and added that she had purchased a quilt pattern book, Turning Twenty, to be included.
Silent Auction:  Only 2 pieces submitted by the start of the meeting tonight, with at least an additional 13 items promised.  Sharon apologized if anyone was offended by the quality restrictions placed on the silent auction donation items.  Sales Table idea has had very little interest this year.  It was decided that if items were donated for guild sale that they could be placed in the silent auction if there was a shortage of items which complied with the size restrictions.
Quilts:  Only 29 forms submitted so far; there’s room for approximately 100.
The sign up sheet for volunteers to work during the show was circulated.
Demonstrations:  one person who was signed up is unable to make it.  A volunteer was requested to do a 1 to 1 ½ hour demonstration.  Contact Lorraine Pike if interested.

Fragrance-Free Guild meetings:  A request was made by some of our members with allergies that we leave fragrances off when attending guild events for the comfort of those sensitive to fragrances.

Announcement was made about the Dear Jane Weekend at Shirley Banks’ B&B, the Wildflower Inn and Moonlight in Vermont April 28th- 30th.  Nola Forbes will be the leader and all-inclusive packages start to $200.00 double occupancy, and $275.00 single occupancy.
Announcement was made about bus trips Champlain Valley Guild is hosting:
    May 13, Bus trip to Quilts Around Town in Chester, seats are $28.
    August 5, Bus trip to Lowell, MA, seats are $32. 
    Contact Sally McIntyre at 802-893-0325 for details.

Raffle Blocks:  25 blocks received and divided into two piles (13 and 12).  Blocks were won by Linda Howard (13) and Linda Callan (12).

Monthly Drawings:  Marie Baron, of Cottonwood Quilts, sent 3 gifts for the guild this month, making 5 available prizes tonight.  March Monthly Drawings were won by Carol Guyette, Roberta Gilmour, Denise Chase, Deb Dusablon, and Deb Chagnon.

March Program:  Quiche Perry demonstrated how to make a quick and easy Quilt Journal for documenting your quilts.  Kits are available for $10 for a complete journal.  Quiche is willing to hold a private class for both the Quilt Journal and the Sewing Box if enough guild members are interested.

Respectfully submitted,
Shireen Melton