Franklin County Quilter's Guild

June 20, 2007

1.  WELCOME by Sharon Perry, President, who expressed her gratitude to the officers who served with her this past year.  55 members present.  New Members: none.  Guests: none.

2.  SECRETARY'S REPORT:  Correction made.  Quilt to be donated to Habitat for Humanity will be quilted by Julie Cowles, and the binding sewn by Jennie Lynch.  Teela Dufresne made a motion that the minutes be accepted as corrected; Phyllis Fletcher seconded.  Motion carried.

3.  TREASURER'S REPORT: Gerda Thibault made a motion to accept; Quiche Perry seconded.  Motion carried.


2008 Raffle Quilt:  Sally McIntyre announced 2 workshops will be held at NMC: Friday, June 22 from 4 pm to 9 pm; and Saturday, June 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm.  Bring ruler and rotary cutter, cutting mats, and sewing machine.  Ironing board and iron will be provided.  For those who take home kits, please drop off completed blocks at Cowles Quilting in the shopping plaza.  If you forgot to bring "fat quarters" of very dark colors and creams, beiges or tans, please drop these off at Cowles also.

2007-08 Slate of Officers was presented and approved by the membership.  Rose Rixon, secretary, was instructed to cast ballot in approval.
        }}    President--Sharon Perry
        }}    Vice President--Bonnie Evans
        }}    Secretary--Rose Rixon
        }}    Treasurer--Deb Dusablon
        }}    Programs--Shireen Melton
        }}    Assistant Programs--Sally McIntyre
        }}    Project Coordinator--Marilynn Jessiman
        }}    Membership Chair--Susie Perry
        }}    State Guild Rep--Sharon Perry
        }}    Quilt Show Co-Chairs--Sally McIntyre & Bonnie Evans
            }}}    Silent Auction--Diane Forey & Nancy Orcutt
            }}}    Vendors--Lorraine Pike
            }}}    Demos--Lorraine Pike
            }}}    Raffle Quilt--Sally McIntyre
            }}}    Raffle Tickets--Beth Fancher
        }}    2008 Charity Quilt--Denise Chase & Sharon Perry
        }}    Family Center Quilts--Sally Krupp
        }}    Home Health Quilts--Alyce Bushey
        }}    Laurie’s House Quilts--Denise Chase
        }}    Purple Heart Quilts--Sally McIntyre

Breast Cancer Quilt Project:  Bonnie Evans will be working on putting kits together over the summer; kits will be available for pick up at the September meeting.  Sharon Perry won the Quilter’s Dream Basket of fabric and sewing notions.  The special silent auction and raffle to raise funds for breast cancer quilt fabric netted $1,600.00!  Thanks Bonnie!

Ugly Fabric Challenge:  Shireen paired the participants.  It was determined that 25% of "ugly" fabric must be used in making up the quilt which must be at least 24" by 24".  Rules included in the meeting packet.   Fifteen quilters participated.


2008 Charity Quilt:   Co-chairs Denise Chase and Sharon Perry presented two choices of patterns to be voted upon by membership. The Franklin County Humane Society will be the recipient.

2008 Quilt Show:  It will be the guild’s 10th annual show. The co-chairs, Sally McIntyre and Bonnie Evans, are trying to do something special such as holding a 2-day show.  It was suggested that categories be added for judging of quilts.  Sally, Bonnie and Sharon will discuss this during the summer.  Sally McIntyre made a motion to hold a 2 day show next year; Bev Cook seconded.  Motion carried.

-  VQF, June 28th  - July 1st at the Champlain Valley Expo.
-  Award ribbon, finished by Teela Dufresne, was presented to Gwen Guyette for her quilt entitled "Touch of Romance".
-  Julie Cowles will hold open house at Cowles on Friday, June 22nd,
        3 pm to 7 pm and Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm.

7.  BOM RAFFLE BLOCK:  Marilynn Jessiman read a story to accompany the BOM.  Enclosed in tonight's packet are directions for the "red clover" block.

8.  FABULOUS 15 CHALLENGE ;  31 people participated in Fab 15 Challenge. Four completed all their challenges on time:  Bonnie Evans; Diane Forey; Elaine Magnan; and Gerda Thibault.  Certificates were awarded.  A special gift, made by Sharon Perry, was awarded to Kris Bachand for finding the most UFOs…83!  Diane Forey completed the most UFOs.


Charity Quilt Drawing:  A drawing of those members who made charity quilts this year was won by Denise Chase, Gwen Guyette, and Gina Meigs were the winner of the drawing for those members who made charity quilts this year.  They will each receive a gift certificate to the fabric/quilt shop of their choice.

Door Prize Winners:  Cat Jette; Elaine Swank; Diane Forey; and Martha Dalton.

10.  TEA CUP AUCTION raised $271.

11.  SHOW AND TELL:  All the quilts were beautiful as always!!!

Respectfully submitted
Rose Rixon, Secretary