Franklin County Quilter's Guild
August 17, 2005 Minutes

President Sharon Perry welcomed 12 members to the Executive Board Meeting at 7.00 p.m. at the Church of The Rock.  She has been working hard this summer coming up with ideas for a fun and productive year.
There was no secretary’s report… it will be read at the September meeting.
Treasurer Deb Dusablon was not able to be present, but provided Sharon with a spread sheet of the opening balance, funds collected, funds paid out, and the ending balance for the past 4 years.  She reported that in 2002, we began the year with $882.84, and that we are beginning the 2005-2006 year with $4206.15.  We all agreed that amount was pretty impressive!!
  Ann Pitt discussed the Quilt Show, and what she had done this summer in preparation for it.  She has now secured 4 rest stops to advertise for the show.  She also suggested getting some signs to put up at Exit 20.  We agreed to study it further.  She also went over the guidelines for the silent auction, and will provide a copy in the packet with the registration forms for the show.  We also discussed the possibility of purchasing poles and renting just the feet.  Bonnie said that we had discussed it previously, and that we had tabled it because of the cost.  It may be brought up at a regular meeting.  Ann said that she had counted what we actually used for poles, etc. last year to have a better idea of how many we need to rent for this year.
  Denise Chase informed us that the Raffle Quilt is in progress.
  Joan Jettie presented a pattern that she and Marge would like to use for this year’s Charity Quilt.  She and Marge Taylor offered to make the quilt themselves, and asked if the Board would approve them to purchase the fabric from CottonWood Quilts.  It is from the Monarch Line, and a portion of the sales will go to Breast Cancer Research.  Marie from CottonWood will give us a generous discount.  Since the donated quilt will go to the Linda Wood Mason Charity , Breast Cancer Research  will  receive twice…once from the sales and once from the raffle.  Bonnie made the motion to accept the proposal, and Deb Halpin seconded it. 
  It was asked if Agnes Masson and Phyllis Fletcher will continue to be our State Guild Representatives.  Sharon will see them.
  The Board agreed to set $15.00 for the dues for 2005-2006 and reminded everyone that they are not prorated.  It was accepted by Ann Pitt, and seconded by Susie Perry.
  Sharon went over the by laws and discussed what each office entailed, and what her expectations were of everyone.  She will need any reports and other items to be printed to her one week prior to the meeting.  She would like to take advantage of the savings rewards that Staples offers.
  Sharon is also asking for someone to take over the Purple Heart Quilt project, since Kirsten will not be able to do so any longer.  We also discussed the need to present additional quilts for 3 soldiers recently wounded, one of them being Kirsten’s husband.  Sharon will be looking for someone to coordinate that project.
  She also discussed some plans to change the format slightly for the meeting…she will announce that in her newsletter.
  Sharon also presented the idea of buying pins for the Guild members, either to have the members pay for directly, or for the Guild to purchase.  We all thought that since there is ample money in the treasury, it would be nice for everyone to have a pin, and to keep some for new member packets…even to sell some.  Apparently members from other Guilds like to collect these pins.  It was decided that since it was over the $100.00 allowance, it would be brought to the membership proper for a vote.
  Carol Guyette and Deb Halpin presented some great ideas for the programs for the coming year.  They will “fine tune” the programs, and bring for a vote any spending issue that needs approval.   
  Shireen Melton provided us with a copy of the monthly block and told us that she has all the blocks designed for the whole year.  She has some other goodies in mind for us, but I have been sworn to secrecy.
  There was considerable discussion about the by-laws, and whether the most recent copy was available.  Sharon will look into that.
We all agreed that we have a great year coming up, and everyone was anxious to “get going”.
Sharon asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Denise Chase made the motion, Ann Pitt seconded.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Evans, Secretary