Franklin County Quilter's Guild
September 21, 2005 Minutes

President Sharon Perry welcomed 66 members and 3 guests to the first meeting and dessert social.

The Executive Board Meeting Minutes of August 2005 were reviewed. Carol Guyette made a motion to accept the minutes; Shireen Melton seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

The Secretary’s report from June 2005 was reviewed. Denise Chase made a motion to accept the report; Kirsten Kebbel seconded.  The motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report was read by Deb Dusablon. Dale McFeeters made a motion to accept the report; Phyllis Fletcher seconded. The motion carried.

Sharon thanked the Executive Board for the wonderful desserts, Lorraine Pike for the beautiful decorations, and Jenn Dusablon for the membership cards.

Sharon gave recognition to the original members of our Guild, celebrating our 15th year, this year. Some of them are still members today. She also recognized the members who had served as officers more than one year. Her “tidbit” of Guild history was that in 1998, we chose the John LeClair Foundation to be the recipient for our next Charity Quilt.

She introduced the officers and chair people for the 2005-2006 year.

Dues were paid and membership cards given out.

1.  Denise Chase & Kirsten Kebbel presented the top of the raffle quilt for this year. It received oohs & aahs. It will be quilted free of charge by a new machine quilter in NH that offered free quilting to guilds through December 2005.
    ·  Raffle tickets will be available in December from Bea Coon.

2.  Joan Jettie showed a copy of the pattern that she & Marge Taylor will make for the Charity Quilt for this year. The guild will purchase the fabric from Cottonwood Quilts, and they will make it.

3.  Ann Pitt discussed the Quilt Show, which is April 1, 2006 this year.
    ·  Carol Stanley agreed to be the sale table coordinator.
    ·  Ann asked that we bring in fat quarters for the 2nd prize.

4.  Home Health, Ronald McDonald & Family Center packets were given out, and each one was asked to make at least one this year.

5.  Sharon presented us with a new copy of the by-laws which she compiled from the “several” copies that were found. It will serve as the latest version of the by-laws.


1.  Quiche Perry made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina Relief. After lengthy discussion, it was decided that we would make an initial donation of $500.00, and then try to adopt a Guild in one of the devastated areas at a later time. The motion was seconded by Shireen Melton. The motion carried.

2.  Programs for the year were presented by Deb Halpin & Carol Guyette. There were 3 spending issues to be voted on.
    · Denise Christiansen made a motion to spend $375.00 for the Christine Fries-Ureel lecture for October. Bonnie Evans seconded that motion. Motion carried.
    · Ann Pitt made a motion to spend $175.00 for the April lecture and $500.00 for a workshop the following day given by Sharon Stroud. Deb Dusablon seconded that motion. Motion carried.
    · Denise Christiansen made a motion to spend $150.00 for a lecture and truck show by Marilyn Gillis for the May meeting. It was seconded by Nancy Orcutt. Motion carried.

3.  Ann Pitt made the motion to change the December meeting to December 14th. Kirsten Kebbel seconded. Carol Guyette will check to see whether the church is available.

4.  Quiche Perry presented her 2 ideas for the March meeting: a sewing box and a journal.  Members were asked to vote on their choice after the meeting.

5.  Denise Chase agreed to make the 2006 New Years’ Baby Quilt.

6.  Quiche Perry made a motion to have Cottonwood Quilts vend for each meeting. Lorraine Pike seconded.

7.  Discussion about purchasing Guild Pins was tabled in the interest of time.

8.  Elaine Leduc agreed to be the Purple Heart Quilt Coordinator.

9.  Information was available for the Christmas Stocking Project for soldiers.

10.  Food Shelf donations will be brought in at the October meeting. Gerda Thibault will deliver them.

11.  Sharon made announcements about upcoming Quilt Shows, the State meeting, quilt classes, including a sign up for her machine quilting class where she will help participants adjust their machines.

Meeting was adjourned.
BOM winners: Sue Bruce and Mary Ellen Therrien.
Monthly drawing winners: Sandra Casavant & Ann Pitt.
A wonderful Show “N” Tell followed.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Evans