Franklin County Quilter's Guild
September 20, 2006

- 72 members present.  New members:  Shirley Babcock, Kay Benedict, Carol Bessette, Judy Carpenter, Julie Cowles, June Fath, Heather Palow, Jane Reynolds, Chris Rouse-Turner and Chris Smith.
- No guests.

- Doors at Church of the Rock open at 6:30 pm. 
Sign in. Pick up name tags.
Meet friends. Deliver “things”.
- Start business meeting at 7:00 pm.

Sharon Perry introduced the officers for the 2006-2007 membership year and thanked them for serving and bringing refreshments for today’s meeting.

Shireen Melton made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report; seconded by Dale McFeeters.  Motion passed.

SECRETARY’S REPORT, AUGUST 2006 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING Beth Fancher made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report; seconded by Diane Forey.  Motion passed.

Deb Dusablon read the Treasurer’s Report for September 20, 2006.  Quiche Perry made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read; seconded by Teela Dufresne.

- Dues are payable tonight, $15.00.  
- There is a drawing for signing up and paying dues tonight; the winners were Marilynn Jessiman, Tammy Gregoire and Linda Rouse-Turner. 
- Please confirm name spelling, address, phone number and email address.

- Guild Pin:  Nine pins were given to new members.  Pins are still left from the first printing for new members.

- Raffle Quilt:  Quiche Perry still looking for fabric in bright colors in batiks, yellow, orange or red.  Guild had to buy fabric over the summer because there were not enough donations from guild members.
- 2006 Charity Quilt:  Letter read from Maryanne Wood, founder of Linda Wood Mason Breast Cancer Fund, thanking guild for 2006 quilt.  Charity netted $1,300.00.

- Family Center Charity Quilts:  Note read from Laurie Sabarowski, of the Family Center, thanking guild for support.
- 2007 Charity Quilt:  Mary Ellen Therrien submitted pictures of two quilts for the guild’s vote:  Bow Tie Medallion; or Ladder to the Stars.  A Sign-up sheet was available for voting. Hopefully she’ll have kits by the November meeting.  Mary Ellen still needs fabric in bright darks, bright mediums, and creams, beiges or tans, measuring 10” x 18”.
- Quilt Show:  Lorraine Pike went to several area quilt shows to learn how they run their shows, and she found it’s all about committees.  The entire guild’s support and participation is needed.  Sign up sheets were provided for various tasks associated with the show.  Guild did not have enough quilts for the show last year...need lots of quilts.

- Ronald McDonald Quilts:  Denise Chase has put together kits for making quilts.  If anyone takes a quilt and can’t finish it, bring it back to guild, and another member will finish it.  Denise’s kits are in gift bags.  She would like to have the finished quilt returned in that bag.
- Family Center Quilts:  Joyce Koss reported that she has 25 kits ready to sew.

- Home Health Quilts:  Alyce Bushey has selected relatively easy patterns to sew.  New members will get a letter explaining guild quilt project.  It was mentioned that some basic quilting instructions are needed.  That is coming in future meetings.
- Laurie’s House:  Laurie’s House is a refuge for battered women and children.  Susie Perry suggested it be considered as a possible recipient of our charity quilts.  Motion, as suggested, made by Shireen Melton; seconded by Quiche Perry.  Discussion followed that a lot of participation would be needed, and more quilts would be needed.  The guild made 80 quilts last year.  Subject was tabled until next meeting as “old business.”
- Purple Heart Quilts: Sally McIntyre has checked with Chittenden Bank, and they have agreed to a window display of the Purple Heart Quilts.  Sally needs a volunteer to help with providing quilt frames, and someone to make signs for the display.

- Orphan Block Box:  Bonnie Evans showed several quilts constructed from orphan blocks.  She needs volunteers to finish some quilt tops, quilting and binding.  Marge Taylor and Judy Carpenter volunteered to help.  There will be more discussion on orphan blocks at the next meeting.
- Cash Rewards Account:  Staples offers “cash rewards” on the guild’s account registered under Bonnie Evans’ phone number.  Guild members are urged to contribute their personal purchases to the guild’s account by using Bonnie’s phone number, 868-7168.
- 2007 New Year’s Baby Quilt:  Joyce Koss volunteered last year to make the 2007 quilt.  Joyce reported it was already finished.
Kristen Kibbel’s Blocks:  The equivalent of 40 blocks was submitted.  One block features her Highgate home and makes up 4 of the blocks.

- Quilt Pink Marathon:  Bonnie Evans reported that our first quilting bee this year will be held on September 30th, Quilt Pink Day, at the Northwestern Medical Center Conference Room from 9:00am - 3:00 pm.  Proceeds from the Tea Cup auction provided funds to purchase the fabric to put together 22 kits. The quilts are intended for a breast cancer survivor.  When quilt is finished, bring it back to the guild.  Bonnie has special labels for each quilt.  Julie Cowles will make available Janome sewing machines from her store to anyone who does not have a portable sewing machine for that day; please call Julie at 524-2551 to reserve a machine.
- Quilting Bees:  The October quilting bee is set for October 28-29, starting at 9:00am, at Home Health offices in St. Albans.  The November quilting bee is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of November 18th at the Public Safety Building in Montgomery Center.
- Programs for 2006-2007:  Shireen Melton gave an overview of the program plans she has made.  She has contacted different manufacturers who have generously donated items for door prizes.  Money saved in this area will enable the guild to schedule more expensive instructors.  As a note, the December meeting has been moved to December 6th.
- Food Drive:  Bonnie Evans made a motion to hold the guild’s food drive in February; Marilynn Jessiman seconded.  Alyce Bushey made a motion to add an amendment with a snow date for March; Shireen Melton seconded.  Motion passed as amended.

FABULOUS 15 CHALLENGE:  This month’s number is 11.

- Quilt Exhibit in Montgomery Center on October 7th and 8th
- North Country Quilters QuiltFest in Newport on September 23rd.
- Green Mountain Quilters Guild Meeting in Bethel on October 21st.
- Quilt Retreat with Froncie Quinn, November 10th - 12th in Lyndonville; brochure available.
- Creations Abound, owned by Quiche Perry, has moved to 50 North Main Street in St. Albans.
- Marie Baron still has Timtex for sale at $5.00 per yd.

- The BOM program for this membership year will also serve as a Mystery Quilt.  Each month, members will be given instructions for the Monthly BOM Raffle Block.  Members will also be given instructions each month for a part of a mystery quilt using the same basic unit as the monthly BOM.  The finished mystery quilts will be revealed in June 2007.
- The October BOM is a rail fence block measuring 6 ½ inches unfinished in browns, greens or blues.  Instructions are in the meeting packet.

- 10 quilters submitted BOMs of the sugarhouse; Elaine Burnor was the winner of this month’s BOM raffle blocks.

Winners were Dale McFeeters, Stacy Gregoire, Ruth Schaefer, and June Fath.

Shireen Melton postponed the evening’s activity due to lack of time.

SHOW AND TELL had good participation.

An ICE CREAM SOCIAL concluded the evening.
Respectfully submitted,
Rose Rixon, Secretary