Franklin County Quilter's Guild
October 19, 2005 Minutes

President Sharon Perry welcomed 76 members and guests.

In our guild history:
October 1993:  ABC quilts program was adopted with Betty Morgan as chairperson.
January 1996 : Guild voted to adopt local charities as recipients of our  Quilts.  Home Health & Ronald Mc Donald were chosen.
November 1999: First Food Shelf Drive.

Secretary’s Report was approved.  Motion to accept was made by Dale McFeeters; seconded by Denise Chase.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Deb Dusablon.  Motion to accept was made by Kirsten Kebbel; seconded by Gerda Thibault.

*  Denise Chase has contacted the person about the free quilting. She is waiting to hear.
*  Ann Pitt reviewed the Quilt Show.  Denise Christiansen suggested that we look into  hiring someone to pick up and return the poles for the show, since it is so difficult. Ann will look into that.  The guild decided to have a food shelf donation that day as  well.  Someone from the Food Shelf will pick up the items.
*  Joan Jettie explained that the fabric was on order for the Charity Quilt.
*  Kits were available for the local charity quilts.
*  A motion was made by Bonnie Evans to move our December meeting to December 7th.  It was seconded by Ann Pitt.
*  Voting was to take place at the break on which project to do for the March meeting.
*  CottonWood Quilts will start vending in December at our regular meetings.  If anyone needs supplies ahead of time; contact Marie and she will bring them to the meeting.
*  Phyllis Fletcher reported on the State Guild meeting. There is concern that attendance is down and they are looking for new ideas to increase membership and participation.
*  Jen Dusablon announced a “Quilting Day” on November 19th  & 20th at the Franklin County home Health office.  Everyone is welcome.

* There was considerable discussion on whether to purchase Guild Pins.
1st  MOTION :
An original motion was made by Nancy Orcutt and seconded by Denise Christiansen to have the 250 pins made and decide at a later time whether to have each member purchase theirs.  At that time, more discussion ensued.
2nd  MOTION: 
In the interest of time, Susie Perry made a motion to spend  the $70.00 on the prototype first, and if we all agreed after seeing it, we would then purchase 250 pins.  Gina Meigs seconded the motion. A vote was taken on the 1st motion: it was defeated.  A vote was taken on the 2nd motion: it passed.  We will purchase the prototype and then decide on the purchase of the pins. {If anyone else took better notes on this issue, please feel free to make changes.!!}

*  Elaine Leduc asked for 12” finished red, white and blue star blocks to be used for the Purple Heart Quilts.
*  There was preliminary discussion and choices for speakers for 2006. In consideration of our evening speaker, Bonnie suggested that Carol and Deb put together some choices with prices to be voted on at our next meeting.
*  Nancy Orcutt is checking on “Adopt A Katrina Guild” program.
*  Shireen gave us instructions for the 1st part of our mystery quilt.
*  Sharon asked that each of us adopt an E-mail buddy…to pass along guild info.
*  Denise chase volunteered to make the New Year’s Baby quilt for 2006.  Joyce Koss volunteered to make the one for 2007.

The business meeting was adjourned.

* * Announcements for upcoming events:
   *  CVQG Show: November 5th & 6th at Shelburne Farms.
   *  The Gathering EQA Show: November 3rd - 6th
   *  Beginner’s Class:  November 12th Bonnie Evans
   *  Gloria McEwen is looking for a used machine for a donation .

Mary Meade, Phyllis Fletcher, and Kathy Aurigemma won the monthly blocks.
Agnes Mason and Denise Christiansen won the monthly drawings. 
Carol and Deb explained our November meeting.  It will be a “Quilters’ Garage Sale”.  If you have any quilt related items that you would like to sell, please bring them in, marked with a price, your own change, and be willing to man your table.  If you have small tables that you would like to use, please do so.
Show & Tell was delightful.

The best part of our evening was a super, fantastic, wonderful, heartwarming, {enough adverbs ?} slide show and trunk show by Christine Fries-Ureel.  Everyone agreed that she was one of the best we have had.  Great choice..Deb & Carol !!

Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Evans