Franklin County Quilter's Guild
November 16, 2005 Minutes

President Sharon Perry welcomed 64 members and quests.

Our guild history:  November 2003, we welcomed Joan Shay for a trunk show and workshop with her “Applibond Technique”.

Secretary’s Report was approved.  Motion to accept was made by Dale McFeeters; seconded by Agnes Masson.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Deb Dusablon.  Motion to accept was made by Quiche Perry; seconded by Kirsten Kebbel.  Motion passed.

* Denise Chase informed us that our Raffle Quilt will be quilted free.
* It was suggested that in the future, we get sealed bids from different machine quilters and accept the lowest bid.
* The raffle tickets will not be ready until we find out whether we have a sewing machine as the 2nd place prize.  Ann Pitt is working on it.
* Ann also informed us that to get movers to pick up and return the poles for the Quilt Show would cost $500-$600.  She will look into renting a U-Haul truck and try to get volunteers to transport the poles.
*  We received a letter form Peter Deslaurier informing us that he may not be mayor again, and therefore possibly not picking the Mayor’s award. 
*  Our show will be advertised in the Quilters’ Directory free of charge.
* Joan Jettie showed us the blocks she had completed for the Charity Quilt.  They are beautiful !
*  Kits were made available for the various charity quilts.
*  Elaine Leduc reported she had received 60 Purple Heart Blocks.  We will get together at some point to put some of the quilts together.
*  Deb Halpin & Carol Guyette will secure Christine Uriel for next fall for a Workshop.
*  Nancy Orcutt reported she is still working on adopting a Gulf Coast Guild.
* We voted to make the Quilt Journal for our March meeting.
*  Cottonwood Quilts will begin vending in December.
* Jenn Dusablon informed us that the “quilting day” would take place on Nov.  20th from 8:30 to 3:30.

*  Sharon announced that several members won ribbons at The Champlain  Valley Quilters’ show.
*  Announcements about upcoming events was presented by Sharon Perry.
*  Pot Luck and Quilto will begin at 6:00 on December 7th.
*  Monthly drawings were won by:  Sally Krupp and Betty Morgan
*  Raffle blocks were won by:  Jen LeTourneau and Janet McCarthy
*  Shireen presented us with the next part of the mystery quilt.
*  Lots of great Show N Tell.

Meeting adjourned and everyone enjoyed the Quilters’ Garage sale.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Evans