“Churn Dash Variation”


Three reds, one “white”, one bleached or unbleached muslin. Choose solids, prints, stripes or plaid (anything goes). For the “white,” you may use muslin (bleached or unbleached), white on white, cream on cream, any combination thereof, or a “mostly white.” If you don’t have three reds, red #1 & red #3 could be of the same fabric.

**Note: Before cutting the muslin, iron a piece larger than 2 ½” x 6 ½” onto freezer paper for stability. Then cut the specified shape and sign your name using a black Pigma marker, keeping at least a ½” away from cut edges. Use disappearing ink if you want guidelines to keep your signature straight and within the center of the shape. Remove the freezer paper.







3 7/8” squares of WHITE or CREAM



3 7/8” squares of RED #1



3 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles of RED #2



2 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles of RED #3



2 ½” x 6 ½” rectangle of signed MUSLIN


1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the two white A-squares.

2. Place each white A-square with each red A-square, right sides together and sew a scant ¼” away from either side of the drawn lines.

3. Cut along drawn lines and press toward the darker fabric. The finished units should measure 3 ½”. If not, trim and square to size. These are the corner units.

4. Sew each red C-rectangle to the top and bottom of the signed muslin C-rectangle Press toward the darker fabrics. This is the center unit.

5. Sew two B-rectangles to the right and left sides of the center unit. Press toward the outside. This is the middle row.

6. Sew two A/A units to either end of the remaining B-rectangles. Press toward the center. These are the top and bottom rows.

7. Sew the top and bottom row to opposite sides of the middle row, matching seams to complete the block. Block should measure 12 ½” square, leaving ¼” seam allowances for joining or sashing blocks later.