Franklin County
Quilter's Guild
Executive Board
Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2007

1.  WELCOME by Sharon Perry, President
Present: Alyce Bushey, Denise Chase, Bonnie Evans, Diane Forey, Marilynn Jessiman, Sally McIntyre, Shireen Melton, Nancy Orcutt, Sharon Perry, Susie Perry, and Rose Rixon.

2.  MEETING DATES:  Based on email responses changes were made to 2007-08 meeting dates as follows:  November 14th, 2007 vice November 21st; February 11th, 2008 vice February 20th; March 10th, 2008 vice March 19th; and May 16th, 2008 vice May 21st.

3.  SHORTER BUSINESS MEETINGS:  Suggestions sought to shorten the length of business meetings.
    - Secretary and Treasurer's report reviewed prior to meeting with suggestions and corrections made through email.
    - Names be placed in "drawing basket" prior to start of meeting, then draw 1-2-3 and be done.
    - Discussions limited to a predetermined amount of time..  Perhaps a timer would be helpful in limiting discussion.
    - All charity quilts displayed together at one time with number of charity quilts mentioned in minutes and/or newsletter.  
    - Option to display show and tell quilts on side tables.
Bonnie moved to close discussion and move on.

4.  UFO CHALLENGE requested again by popular demand.  Participants who want to join, sign up and pledge specific project.  Participants make own list and submit same to UFO chair.  Instead of $1.00 penalty perhaps a "fat quarter" could be donated for UFO not completed.  Sally McIntyre volunteered to work with Sharon Perry on this project.

5.  COPY OF BYLAWS:  Included with evening packets with some of the responsibilities reviewed.
    - Attendance:  Sign up sheet suggested for each month.  Bylaws state a member should be present at four meetings per year to qualify for workshops special rates.  Members would sign up as they come in.  Format to be determined.

6.  PROGRAMS FOR 2007-08:  Shireen Melton submitted a copy of program of activities for the ensuing year.  Program reviewed.

7.  PROGRAMS FOR 2008-09:  Sally McIntyre did not have anything to report at this time; she'll be working on the programs for next year throughout this year.  She encouraged formation of satellite groups for learning and socializing and accomplishing projects.  She did report on the progress of the Raffle Quilt and activities related to it.

8.  BLOCK OF THE MONTH:   Marilynn Jessiman  is waiting to receive copyright permission.  Beginning quilters requested something easier.  Marilynn is using the Big Book Of Quilt Blocks by Lynette Jensen which contains patterns that are easy to follow; Lynette Jensen gave verbal permission to Lorraine Pike to use the book for our guild's BOM program.

9.  BREAST CANCER QUILTING MARATHON:  Bonnie Evans set a date of September 1st to cut fabric for the Breast Cancer Quilts.  The Quilting Marathon Bee will be held Saturday, September 22nd at the NMC Conference Room from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

10.  SEPTEMBER MEETING: Shireen will work a "mixer" into program based on several suggestions made.  Members will be reminded to arrive early.  Refreshments will be an ice cream social.  "Trimmings" will be provided by board members:  Susie Perry, hot fudge;  Marilynn Jessiman, butterscotch topping;  Diane Forey, brownies and cool whip;  Denise Chase, walnuts;  Sally McIntyre, pineapple sauce;  Bonnie Evans, chocolate sauce and whip cream; Nancy Orcutt, cherries;  Rose Rixon, strawberries; Shireen Melton, sprinkles; Sharon Perry, caramel sauce.  Guild will buy ice cream.  Members each bring own beverage.  Water will be available.

11.  NEWSLETTER:  Sharon is preparing the newsletter.  Guild membership form will be included in newsletter and request made that the form be completed before meeting. Teela Dufresne will help Susie Perry with membership at the September meeting. Dues will remain at $15.00 per year.

12.  FUTURE RAFFLE QUILTS:  Sharon would like to have the future raffle quilt(s) completed over one year out so it can be circulated for viewing and sale of tickets.  She'll be looking for volunteers to help get a year ahead in the production of the next raffle quilt.

13.  QUILTING BEES:  The October Quilting Bee will be held 1st weekend in October; more details will be coming soon.

14.  OTHER ISSUES:  Denise Chase had assembled quilt kits; some left.  Denise Chase received approval to discard fabric of unacceptable quality.  Alyce Bushey has 12 to 15 charity quilt kits made up.

15.  THANK YOU NOTES:  Secretary instructed to send thank you notes for fabric and services to:  Yankee Pride; Smitty's; House of Sewing; Sew Many Treasures; Northland Quilts; Strawberry & Rhubarb; and Maplewood Quilts.

Respectfully submitted,
Rose Rixon, Secretary